Speciality Services

The Law office of Karim S. Manji focuses on the following areas of law:

Business Law
Entrepreneurs understand the importance of having competent and diligent legal counsel for advice on many aspects of their business. From the inception of a business, every decision has the potential to substantially influence the future of the business. We have served entrepreneurs in different fields including manufacturing, product development, service stations, retail, and real estate in transactional and litigation matters.

Personal Injury
Taking the right steps immediately after an injury and seeking competent legal counsel is imperative to ensure a victim of an injury obtains justice. Injuries can arise anywhere at any given time, and each instance calls for certain actions. With experience in multiple personal injury cases, clients can count on aggressive pursuit for compensation to the fullest extent possible and that every issue will be diligently and thoroughly investigated.

Estate Planning
The protection and peace of mind one can offer his or her family through proper estate planning cannot be stressed enough. To have confidence that one’s directions in regards to asset distribution, decisions as to who will be responsible for your children, and who will be responsible for administrating your assets, are all complied with. Leaving assets behind without proper direction leaves room for unnecessary legal battles for your family to deal with. Estate planning decisions include health related decisions, charitable contributions, restrictions on vesting, trusts for pets, etc.

Consumer bankruptcy has become a viable option for individuals with various financial hardships. When debt settlement negotiations are of no avail, filing for bankruptcy can forgive, or discharge, virtually all unsecured debt. Medical bills and civil judgments against you (except for judgments from tort actions) can be discharged as well, and wage garnishments can be stopped.


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